You deserve the beauty of life

Perhaps painful experiences have led you to believe that healing isn’t for you. That you don’t deserve better. But you, my friend, deserve it all. You deserve a life of joy, compassion, connection and purpose. And that life is within reach.

You’ve suffered too long

Up until this point life may have let you down. Ashamed, you desperately try to hide your wounds from the world around you. With each passing day you feel a deep sense of isolation & hopelessness. This feeling, you believe, will never pass.

You’ve tried, and tried…

Self-help books, talk therapy, retreats, medications, workshops. You’ve tried all the methods to get over the pain, to get past it and put it in the rearview. But have you tried to get through it? By breaking through your somatic and cognitive blocks, you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.




Tailored to Your Needs

Healing is not one size fits all. We all have unique experiences, bodies, neural pathways, support systems, environments, and more. With that personalization in mind, our strategy will be customized specifically to you, and not just another vague coaching formula.

Unique & Sustainable Approach

What is a healing coach? Think of me as equal parts therapist, equal parts purpose coach. The FBM is a rare 12-week program that blends both therapeutic and coaching modalities to get you on the path to healing AND purpose.

The FBT Method has four phases:

Phase I: The WHY/Unpacking your emotional wounds & identifying your root blocks.

Phase II: Understanding the science behind your root blocks & learning new ways of rewiring your emotional, somatic and mental systems.

Phase III: The HOW/Breakthrough: Strategize from survive to thrive across all life systems: personal, spiritual, relational & professional.

Phase IV: Reintegrating new and sustainable meanings of your emotional wounds. This is where we fuse healing AND purpose.


You’ve been down this road before. You’ve signed up for the programs, courses, and attended the workshops. You felt a glimmer of healing and positive momentum, but it always seemed to slip away. I know that feeling all too well. That feeling of looking out over the horizon toward a future that feels so far away. The road can feel too long, too hopelessness.

But that future is possible for you, and I know that because I made the journey—which means you can too. Not only is my work founded upon years of research, but I am living proof that it works. I walk the talk. And I want to welcome you to walk beside me arm-in-arm, not behind me.