On The Mend is an all-female holistic healing retreat that emphasizes self-love, compassion and various modalities to support those who are recovering from trauma.

As heart and body healers, we curate intentional space for survivors of trauma to rediscover what brings them “back home”–in mind, heart and body.

Hi We’re Britt & Em!

We challenge the idea that one size fits all when it comes to healing. We’ve seen it in relation to our own pain, and extensively in our work: Brittany as a rape survivor and national speaker (on sexual assault prevention & recovery, mental health, resilience, and wellness), and a background working in trauma centers in conflict countries and at home, and Emily as a a survivor of trauma (physical, psychological, emotional), and a Fascial Stretch Therapist, a Yoga Teacher with a certification in Trauma Informed Yoga, and a Renew Movement Coach.

Most importantly, twenty years of friendship and a handful of painful life experiences later, we learned that healing is far easier done when walking hand-in-hand. Bottom line, compassion (for self and others) thrives in community.

So we created just that. A supported place where women can safely and bravely move inward in order to find acceptance, love and hope for a brighter future.

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Upcoming Retreats & Events:

On The Mend | Idyllwild, California | March 28-31, 2019

Join us where the mountains meet the Joshua Tree desert. In this space participants will be guided through various healing modalities of heart and body work–allowing survivors the space to acknowledge and release trauma from their bodies and subconscious.

Activities include Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Breathwork taught by a certified transformative breathwork healer, a sunrise hike in Joshua Tree National Park, an Ayurvedic cooking class, daily mindfulness & grounding practices, one-on-one healing sessions with retreat leaders, sisterhood sharing circles, optional hot tub time, and fireside chats.