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Professional Bio:

Brittany Piper is an international activist, speaker and healing + wellness coach—cultivating 250+ programs spanning 8 years and 3 continents. Her work has been recognized by The U.S. Army, The Clinton Foundation, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily + more. She is a rape survivor and leading national expert and advocate on sexual violence prevention and recovery—speaking to tens of thousands of students, detectives, employees, inmates and military members each year. She is also the co-founder and healing coach of On The Mend—a women’s holistic healing retreat which supports survivors of trauma. Additionally, she is a social justice photographer for women’s organizations in conflict countries.

Brittany believes that when met with empathy, our pain can be transformed into our greatest purpose. Whether in a slum in Uganda, a rape crisis center in South Africa, a rural village in India, or even a university campus or boardroom in the United Sates—she has stood alongside the suffering of the world as they overcame their adversity and took brave action in their own lives. Brittany uses raw and relatable stories, compelling research, and actionable advice to motivate and empower individuals to create in the mess—providing them with the tools and inspiration to cultivate more meaningful relationships, communities, businesses, and lives.