Brittany embodies what victim advocates hope to see from every person who has experienced pain or trauma. She has taken her experience and used it to fuel her passion for service and storytelling.
— Sarah Diaz, Coordinator for Health Education & Outreach Programs, Butler University


Topic Areas:

  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Women’s  Empowerment
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Growth
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Character Development

1. Rape Culture: A Survivor's Perspective

Brittany Piper was 20 years old when she was brutally raped by a man pretending to be a good samaritan. Now, nearly ten years later, she refuses to keep silent as she gently unravels this sensitive topic with audiences, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of this prevalent issue.

As a rape survivor and women’s studies scholar (focusing on Gender Based Violence, Prevention and Rape Culture), with extensive work in local and international organizations (including, but not limited to, Rape Crisis Centers in conflict countries): Brittany is able to use her perspective as a survivor, as well as a trauma and prevention expert, to educate communities and organizations on the many perspectives of sexual violence prevention AND recovery.

Her personal and moving story, blended with a non-judgmental and healthy dialogue about rape, offers a meaningful picture of the realities of the rape culture in which we live. Brittany reveals how we all participate in rape culture, even from a young age, and helps individuals to understand the role they play in either perpetuating or ending the cycle. Participants leave feeling empowered to not only combat sexual violence in their communities, but to be a pillar of strength for the survivors around them.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, audiences will learn:

  • The physical, mental and emotional impact that sexual violence can have on an individual.
  • What consent looks like, especially when alcohol and other substances are involved.
  • How to address the community's involvement in rape culture through such concepts as: victim-blaming, bystander prevention, reporting, hyper-masculinity, rape myths, and more.
  • How to support peers who have experienced sexual assault.
  • How to move on to a place of healthy healing.

2. From Hardship to Leadership: Transforming Pain into Progress

There's no getting around it, life involves tragedy and misfortune. Sometimes you're dealt a hand from which you feel you really just can't come back; perhaps you're dealt two, maybe even three. Brittany is here to tell you that no matter your circumstances, not only can you overcome your obstacles, but you can thrive from them.

In this keynote, Brittany offers herself as a prime example of successfully turning pain into progress. Despite the chapters in her life having been filled with grief and hardship, Brittany is still determined to use her pain as a motivator. By accepting the suffering she endured, she was able to strengthen her character, ultimately allowing herself to become a beacon of hope and resilience for others. She believes that rather than allowing hardships to curtail your future, you should salvage those events as a way to help others. After becoming an international activist, humanitarian and social entrepreneur fighting for women's rights, she has found a great deal of healing and resolve in her own life. Brittany will be the first to tell you, she's determined to live a brave life not a safe one. She wants to help you do the same.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, audiences will learn:

  • How to shift their perception of hardship from negative to positive.
  • How to utilize life's sometimes painful events as support and teachable moments for others.
  • The power of personal growth and healing as a humanitarian.
  • The "How To's" of social entrepreneurship.

3. Meaningful Work: Redefining Your Legacy

Brittany Piper believes that now more than ever, the next generation of leaders is striving and aspiring to do more than just live, but rather live and participate with purpose. She believes this group of future leaders (also known as millennials) prioritize social impact and fulfillment before salary. She believes this because she is a millennial. Millennials are in-tune with today’s social climate, seeded primarily from current events in our communities and our world. Millennials feel that it is their generation that will embark on the mission of social justice, advocacy, and philanthropy. But with crippling student debt, increased competition for jobs and the constant struggle of explaining themselves to older generations, some millennials lack the insight and courage to step out into their callings.

A women’s rights scholar, an international documentary photographer for nonprofits, a rape survivor, and activist, and social entrepreneur recognized by the Clinton Foundation, Brittany Piper teaches students how to identify their calling or callings and how to transform their passions and civic engagements into a meaningful career. She illustrates her trajectory of a student to entrepreneur and the role that her identity, vulnerability, studies, and advocacy played.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, audiences will learn:

  • how to explore and identify their passions and ultimately their calling(s),
  • how vulnerability and social impact are related and the importance of embracing vulnerability as a tool to live out their calling(s),
  • strategies for practicing advocacy, both on and off campus, and
  • how to create a blueprint to start their social enterprise.


Mental, Spiritual & Body Wellness in a Millennial World:

Self-care for an Aligned Life


Brittany knows from first-hand experience the havoc that a fast-paced life can inflict on overall wellness. She vividly remembers the all-nighters in her early 20's, pumped up on stimulant medication and Red Bull. The skipping meals because she was either “too busy to eat” or trying to maintain a body image that was unrealistic. She remembers the alcohol abuse, the lack of self-worth, the constant comparison to others, and the regular around-the-clock routine of pretending to have the “perfect life.” Brittany knows what it is like to have the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and trying to manage those things with medications.  Now, years later, Brittany is in a place where she feels rooted in peace and acceptance. She appreciates and loves her body and is finally in-tune with her physical, mental and emotional health. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that there is an increase in suicide, eating disorders and substance abuse in this country, while individuals desperately struggle to find balance in their lives. 

In this workshop-style program, Brittany shares with participants the ways they can focus on bringing wellness to their mind, body, and emotions. She believes that the way to long-lasting wellness includes all three branches in unison. With a combination of mental health and body awareness, spiritual coaching and yoga, Brittany will guide the audience through an introspective lens where they can dive deep into: body alignment, personal power, vision, boundaries, gratitude, self-talk, slowing down, unplugging, practicing presence and mindfulness, the relationship between mood and food, and more.

In this space, participants will be provided with a 30-page self-care workbook, customized around exercises that will be practiced during the program and can be utilized afterward as individuals begin to develop their own self-care routine.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, audiences will learn:

  • how to identify and root out blocks that are holding them back from showing up in the world as their best and most authentic self.
  • how to implement the tools to become more aligned with their authentic voice, identities, passions, and welcoming intentions, visions and goal-setting.
  • how to position themselves for a present and aligned life – mentally, spiritually and physically,
  • self-care exercises to use to confront feelings of depression, stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt,
  • everyday routines that allow space for mindfulness, gratitude, self-affirmation, body awareness, boundaries and unplugging,
  • ways they can nourish their bodies with foods that fuel them, rather than work against them, including a food guide and meal-prep plan with nutrient-dense recipes,
  • how to build confidence and self-worth and how not to fall victim to society’s ideals of beauty, and
  • breathing and yoga exercises that grant space for introspective communication, connection and love.

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