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  • Motivational & Inspirational

  • Resilience + Overcoming Adversity

  • Sexual Assault Prevention & Recovery

  • Meaningful Work

  • Women’s Leadership & Empowerment

  • Wellness: Mental Health, Addiction & Body Positivity

  • Work + Life Balance

From Hardship to Leadership: Transforming Pain into Purpose 

Corporate + Conferences + Colleges

At fifteen, Brittany Piper’s world was turned upside down with the tragic death of her brother. Heartbroken, she surrendered to alcohol dependency. At twenty, she was brutally raped and beaten by a stranger who helped her change her flat tire. Again, her pain consumed her in darkness. At twenty-five, she was again sexually assaulted while working as a photojournalist in India--crippling her sense of self-worth as she succumbed to severe eating disorders. She knew this time that if she didn't choose self-love, this round of self-destruction would surely take her life. She stood at the edge of two roads: either continue running from the pain or walk through the brokenness and welcome it with empathy, compassion and gratitude. She chose the later, picking herself up with resilience and a newfound appreciation for the purpose in her adversity.

Today, Brittany is a speaker, renown social-entrepreneur, healing & wellness coach, and co-founder of On The Mend—a women’s healing retreat which supports survivors of trauma by empowering self-love. Brittany's story serves as a reminder that those in pain are not alone, and that they too can find that redemptive beauty in their suffering.

In this session, Brittany will illustrate that when we choose to salvage our suffering through strength and empathy, we can also become a beacon of hope and support for those still lost in the dark. Combining raw and relatable stories, actionable advice, and compelling research, this experience will empower audiences to take brave action in their own lives.


  • The ability to recognize and challenge the cultural stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental health, addiction, eating disorders, and the countless other ways that trauma “lives out loud.”

  • When acknowledging adversity: shame promotes opposition in our lives, whereas empathy promotes opportunity.

  • Our deepest pain can be the seed to our greatest purpose.

  • Pain is universal, we have a choice to seek joy and compassion over bitterness and self-pity.

  • The 3-step process to “purposing your pain.”

Rape Culture: A Survivor's Perspective

Conferences + Colleges

Brittany Piper was 20 years old when she was brutally raped by a man pretending to be a good samaritan. Now, nearly ten years later, she refuses to keep silent as she gently unravels this sensitive topic with audiences, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of this prevalent issue. As a survivor and women’s studies scholar (focusing on Gender Based Violence, Prevention and Rape Culture), with extensive work in local and international organizations (including Rape Crisis Centers in conflict countries): Brittany is able to use her perspective as a survivor, as well as a sexual violence expert, to educate communities and organizations on the many perspectives of sexual violence prevention AND recovery.

Her personal and moving story, blended with a non-judgmental and healthy dialogue about sexual violence, compelling research, and interactive activities, offers a meaningful picture of the realities of the rape culture in which we live. Brittany reveals how we all participate in rape culture, even from a young age, and helps individuals to understand the role they play in either perpetuating or ending the cycle. Participants leave feeling empowered to not only combat sexual violence in their communities, but to be a pillar of strength for the survivors around them.


  • What consent looks like, especially when alcohol and other substances are involved.

  • How to address the community's involvement in rape culture through such concepts as: victim-blaming, rape myths, and more.

  • Ability to identify potentially dangerous situations.

  • Safe and effective ways to directly or indirectly intervene as an active bystander.

  • The physical, mental and emotional impact that sexual violence can have on an individual.

  • How to support peers who have experienced sexual assault.

After the Assault: Self-Care for Survivors & Their Peers

Corporate + Conferences + Colleges

Critical conversations surrounding sexual violence have never been more important. Efforts highlighting primary prevention make up the majority of the discussion, and rightfully so. But as prevention programs take precedence, we must also make space for initiatives that support the recovery process for survivors and their peers. Brittany understands the severity of maintaining a self-care routine from the perspective of a survivor, as well as a supporter who has worked in rape crisis centers around the world. From battling with shame, depression, addiction, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and/or Secondary Traumatic Stress, these are the challenges individuals face after being exposed to trauma.

In this interactive program, Brittany will walk participants through emotional, mental and body exercises designed to root out the toxins that sexual assault leaves in its wake. In addition, each person will receive a self-care workbook, empowering them to support themselves and others in their healing.


  • how to develop a personalized self-care routine that will be beneficial in the recovery process following an assault or secondary exposure to trauma,

  • how to identify and root out blocks that are holding them back from healing,

  • self-care exercises that confront feelings of depression, shame, fear, anxiety, and more,

  • everyday healing routines that allow space for mindfulness, gratitude, self-affirmation, and body awareness,

  • how to handle triggering events or situations in a healthy way,

  • how to navigate relationships following an assault or secondary exposure to trauma,

  • how to build confidence and self-worth,

  • breathing and yoga exercises that grant space for introspective communication, connection and self-love



Mental, Spiritual & Body Wellness: Self-care for an Aligned Life

Conferences + Colleges

Brittany knows from first-hand experience the havoc that a fast-paced life can inflict on overall wellness. She vividly remembers the all-nighters in her early 20's, pumped up on stimulant medication and Red Bull. The skipping meals because she was either “too busy to eat” or trying to maintain a body image that was unrealistic. She remembers the alcohol abuse, the lack of self-worth, the constant comparison to others, and the regular around-the-clock routine of pretending to have the “perfect life.” Brittany knows what it is like to have the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and trying to manage those things with medications.  Now, years later, Brittany is in a place where she feels rooted in peace and acceptance. She appreciates and loves her body and is finally in-tune with her physical, mental and emotional health. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that there is an increase in suicide, eating disorders and substance abuse in this country, while individuals desperately struggle to find balance in their lives.

In this workshop-style program, Brittany shares with participants the ways they can focus on bringing wellness to their mind, body, and emotions. She believes that the way to long-lasting wellness includes all three branches in unison. With a combination of mental health and body awareness, spiritual coaching and yoga, Brittany will guide the audience through an introspective lens where they can dive deep into: body alignment, personal power, vision, boundaries, gratitude, self-talk, slowing down, unplugging, practicing presence and mindfulness, the relationship between mood and food, and more.

In this space, participants will be provided with a 30-page self-care workbook, customized around exercises that will be practiced during the program and can be utilized afterward as individuals begin to develop their own self-care routine. In addition, Brittany has partnered with some of her favorite natural food and wellness companies to provide participants with goodie bags.


  • how to identify and root out blocks that are holding them back from showing up in the world as their best and most authentic self.

  • how to implement the tools to become more aligned with their authentic voice, identities, passions, and callings...by welcoming intentions, visions and goal-setting.

  • how to position themselves for a present and aligned life – mentally, spiritually and physically,

  • self-care exercises to use to confront feelings of depression, stress, fear, anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt,

  • everyday routines that allow space for mindfulness, gratitude, self-affirmation, body awareness, boundaries and unplugging,

  • ways they can nourish their bodies with foods that fuel them, rather than work against them, including a food guide and meal-prep plan with nutrient-dense recipes,

  • how to build confidence and self-worth and how not to fall victim to society’s ideals of beauty, and

  • breathing and yoga exercises that grant space for introspective communication, connection and love.