Survivor. Speaker. Activist. Storyteller.


Hi! I'm Brittany.

"Throughout my life, I have been on the front lines of the battle for the rights of women. Whether in a slum in Uganda, a rape crisis center in South Africa, a rural village in India, or even on a university campus in the United States - I have stood alongside the women of the world as they proclaimed their own rights and worth. All cut from different cloth, but fighting for the same thing."


My Story.

At the age of 20, I experienced what no person should ever have to go through: a violent rape. Anyone who has experienced sexual assault can attest that the nightmare is not just limited to the moments of their attack and often carries on for years, even decades, afterward. Through reflection and healing, I realized I wasn't satisfied with being just a survivor; I wasn't going to let this event in my life become the story of my life. Instead, I wanted to use my story of trauma to inform, educate and inspire. I found that it was the response I had to my hardships, rather than my hardships themselves, that defined who I was. 

Now, over nine years later, I have been committed to bettering the world at large. As a women's studies scholar, speaker, photojournalist and social entrepreneur, I am devoted to spreading understanding of sexual violence and rape culture at home and around the globe. Furthermore, in the Fall of 2015, I launched a philanthropic wedding photography business, Love Conquers Photography, in which 10% of all of commissions are donated to two nonprofits fighting to end child marriage in some of the most patriarchally saturated societies in the world.

When I'm not using my photography skills, either as a documentary photographer overseas or a wedding photographer here in the U.S., I can be found on college campuses and universities as a keynote speaker and wellness coach. As a speaker and potential role model for our world's next generation of change-makers, I use my personal narratives of transformative trauma to motivate and empower students to build better communities. We all have moments of brokenness, it's how we answer to those life-altering episodes in our lives that truly makes or breaks us. I'm by no means perfect and certainly made mistakes along the way, but I was willing to learn and grow from them and enjoy sharing these teachable moments with students. Through my own experiences of healing through helping others, I am able to illustrate that the journey to fix yourself often involves your journey to fix what you can in the world.

Whether I'm stopping even one rape from happening, empowering someone to follow a purposeful path, empowering a woman to love herself unconditionally, or documenting and illustrating someone's story who isn't strong enough to share it themselves...I am committed to pursuing meaningful work. Even more, I'm passionate about helping others to embrace their transformations and seek their true callings as well.